An Early Leader in Germanium Transistor Technology


Radio Receptor started a radio manufacturing business in 1922.  By the late 1940s, the company had grown substantially and had diversified into other industries, including Military Equipment, Large Scale Heating Equipment, and Selenium Rectifiers.  Eager to participate in the potentially huge transistor business, Radio Receptor bought licenses from Western Electric and RCA, established a top notch semiconductor lab, and launched a full scale germanium transistor and diode production facility which was shipping product by 1952.  For the next five years, Radio Receptor manufactured high quality germanium alloy transistors and diodes for the computer business and was the second largest supplier (after Raytheon) of hearing aid transistors.   Radio Receptor exited the transistor business in 1955 or 1956, and the entire company was sold to General Instrument in 1957.  





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This is a section of an ad that appeared in the Nov, 1952 Proceedings of the IRE, which announced the availability of “Germanium Transistors” in limited sample quantities.   This is a reference to the alloy junction transistors which were in early stages of development across the industry.  Only a very few companies, including Radio Receptor, Raytheon and Germanium Products Inc and National Union were able to announce commercial availability of this exciting new technology as early as 1952.



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